Find Someone Who Shares Common Interests

DNA Romance users can filter their matches based on 31 different factors, in addition to our personality and genetic compatibility. The search filters gives DNA Romance users full flexibility to narrow down to just those people who meet their specifications.

DNA Romance can help you find alignment on the following common interests:

1) Distance
2) Age
3) Location
4) PCA% (Personality)
5) DRom 1.0. (Chemistry)
6) Height
7) Number of Children
8) Desired Number of Children
9) Level of Education
10) Religion or Philosophy
11) Occupation
12) Income
13) Relationship Type
14) Alcohol Use
15) Tobacco Use
16) Weed Use
17) Personal Interests
18) Method
19) Western Zodiac
20) Eastern Zodiac
21) Movie Preferences
22) Music Preferences
23) Pets
24) Allergies
25) Disabilities
26) Vaccinations
27) Weight
28) Blood Type
29) Eye Colour
30) Hair Colour
31) Hair Curl

The CIA mechanism allows DNA Romance users to have full access and flexibility to a self-tailored candidates pool while also enjoying the objective and precise analysis from scientific technologies.

DRom2.0 Predicts Chemistry with Increased Accuracy and Precision.
Figure 1. DNA Romance Common Interests Alignment (CIA)

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